Securus Technologies is the #1 provider of civil and criminal justice technologies to the correctional facilities and law enforcement throughout North America. The technology solutions that they provide aid in corrections, monitoring, public safety, and investigations. The company recently collected a sampling of comments that they have received from law enforcement officers and correctional facility staff across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In particular, the focus of this was on those officials who are involved in solving and preventing crimes.

Richard A. Smith, who leads Securus Technologies as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, prefaced the collection of comments by stating that his team is able to introduce a new product or service almost every week that helps their clients solve and prevent crimes. He went on to state that the company receives thousands of communications from its users, including letters and emails, that provide comments on how what Securus Technologies does to help keep not only general society safe but also inmates themselves as well as their families and the staff that serves in these facilities.

Among the comments that their clients have to say is one that describes a situation where Securus Technologies assistance led to a search warrant that exposed a corrupt staff member who was helping an inmate bring contraband into the prison. The staff member was arrested and charged with this crime. In another situation by using the company’s monitoring technology helped to uncover a culture of inmate drug and alcohol use as well as threats against other inmates that could have exposed it. A Police Officer wrote in that in the middle of a covert investigation he called Securus Technologies and they helped him with one of the features in the product he was using which resulted in taking a suspect into custody.

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