When people think of lip balm, you automatically think of the small plastic cylinder tube. Generic colors and style for most lip balm products on the market and not many flavors to pick from. What’s exciting about that?

The creators of The Evolution Of Smooth products noticed that as an opening in the lip care market. When conducting a survey, people responded that it wasn’t exciting to use the same boring products. They just used them because they didn’t want chapped lips. The same issue applied to the jars of lip balm. Many thought that those were unsanitary.

EOS lip balm approached the lip balm aisle and took it by storm. They introduced the spheres that are soft and easy to handle. Each sphere of lip balm has a different color and flavor to make it more desirable to apply. These products are made with more natural ingredients which appeals to the younger generation.

Once EOS hit the market, they flew off the shelves. Magazines were advertising it and celebrities were seen using them. Since they started production, EOS has come out with many other products and has become a big name in the beauty products industry.

EOS is comparable in cost to other lip balm products and can be found in most drug stores and major retailers like Walmart that carry beauty products. They have since come out with lip balms that contain SPF and more glossy looks. Visit the website, evolutionofsmooth.com.


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