End Citizen United hit the ground running by immediately stating their goals, strategies and laying down plans to manifest timeline ambitions. Richard Carbo, the foundation’s spokesperson, stated that End Citizen was focused on raising a minimum of $25 million to inject into various campaigns in 2016. Since the inception of the campaigns in October 2015, End Citizen has displayed impeccable fund raising schemes such as the $2 million collected in October alone in 2015. According to their spokesperson, End Citizens United main aim is to support the election of political candidates who share a vision of overhauling the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizen United. Previously, the group has been the core supporter of Senator Russ Feingold, Senator Micheal Bennet and nine other Democratic candidates. Other people who receive support from End Citizen include recipients of attacks from wealthy political influencers like the Koch brothers.


The Supreme Court’s decision allows rich people and dark money groups to contribute funds into an American political campaign, hence swaying the possible outcome. According to analytics, End Citizen United has received more than 136,000 donations since its establishment and has a record of receiving an average of $14.86 from every individual at the grassroots level. The group has previously made it clear that they do not accept huge amounts of donations from individuals or groups, and focus on engaging the grassroots society on their progressive mission. Under the leadership of impeccable leaders such as Valerie Martin, Clair McCaskill and Reed Adamson of the Washington branch, End Citizen is set to effect change on a national level and eventually keep the American elections fair and just.


One month after the formation of the group, 325,000 people pledged their support in its political campaign. One of the strategies applied to realize the huge recruitment included sending out mass emails to addresses from Hillary Clinton’s campaign database. Other means include sending direct mailers, broadcasting TV adverts, and creating discussion polls. The message attracts a massive number of supporters who understand the foundation’s goals and want to apply effective action towards ending Citizen United.


In the first three months of 2017, End Citizen United once again executed an effective fund raising which saw the collection of $4 million from approximately 100,000 participants. End Citizen revealed its plan to raise $35 million which will go into supporting the 2018 campaigns. Some of the candidates set to benefit from 2018’s fund raising wave include Senator Sherrod Brown, and Senator Jon Tester. The most recent beneficiary was Jon Ossoff of Georgia State who received a support worth $500,000. The group is still in observation of the 2018’s political climate to draft the most effective campaigning strategy. If the $35 million mark is realized, End Citizen will have exceeded 2016’s fund raising goal by $25 million.