As at 2015, over 54.4 million adults in the U.S had been diagnosed with some form of arthritis. The bulk of the patients with arthritis are suffering from osteoarthritis, the most prevalent form of arthritis. Although arthritis is a chronic condition, physicians assure people living with the condition of various ways of alleviating the pain associated with the ailment. According to Osteo Relief Institute, surgery is not always the answer to osteoarthritis. In fact, the medical facility is devoted to non-surgical procedures for managing osteoarthritis; some of the procedures are discussed in the following sections.   Osteo Relief Institute subscribes to the well-known therapeutic impact of regular body exercises. The facility indicates that the exercises serve to strengthen the muscles[…]

Glen Wakeman is an accomplished businessman, mentor, and entrepreneur who has been passionate throughout his life, building businesses and improving companies and individuals and their responsibilities in their companies. He graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago, in 1993.   The following are some of his accomplishments, of which he has excelled on many levels. Employed at GE Capital, where he pursued business developmental positions and was recognized as the company’s Growth Leadership role model by its Board of Directors. Helped with many businesses’ successes through development, by using five key areas of performance: execution; governance;[…]

The country’s health is not headed in a good direction. We see more and more people fall victim to lifestyle diseases with diabetes is one of the most prominent. As a researcher deeply interested in diabetes, Holterman has made himself the center of one of the most important health campaigns of this generation. He is trying to stem the tide against the diabetes epidemic awaiting us in the near future. Through his work at his new training camp, he plans on giving kids an entirely new perspective on their health. He’s currently one of the first doctors to bring this new effort to the forefront.   The Crisis Is Rising   Diabetes is a serious disease with permanent consequences for[…]

Ever wondered why your energy bill keeps going up each month? You may not realize it yet, but you could be a victim of what is known as a phantom drain. People lose a lot of energy through their home appliances each year, and there is a way to curb this wastage.   Phantom drain refers to all that energy that is lost when electrical appliances are left on standby. This includes that coffee maker you leave plugged into the power source or the home entertainment setup in the living room you never get to switch off. Even something as harmless as a computer monitor left on standby can costs you several dollars each year (   Let’s use real[…]

Copa Star is considered as the example of healthcare innovation and luxury service standards of Brazilian healthcare industry. It was bringing a new level of patient care to the Brazilian soil that was not seen before. The hospital provides options and choices similar to a five-star hotel to the patients and their relatives. It is located on the shores of well-known Copacabana beach in Rio, and it is designed to delight people who wanted world-class healthcare service ( The hospital is part of the famous D’Or São Luiz network of hospitals – a prominent hospital group in the country.   Jorge Moll, the Chairman of the hospital group, has already communicated that he wanted to take the service standards and[…]