The country’s health is not headed in a good direction. We see more and more people fall victim to lifestyle diseases with diabetes is one of the most prominent. As a researcher deeply interested in diabetes, Holterman has made himself the center of one of the most important health campaigns of this generation. He is trying to stem the tide against the diabetes epidemic awaiting us in the near future. Through his work at his new training camp, he plans on giving kids an entirely new perspective on their health. He’s currently one of the first doctors to bring this new effort to the forefront.


The Crisis Is Rising


Diabetes is a serious disease with permanent consequences for those afflicted. However, the causes of diabetes have been identified and known for a long time. Although the cause is known there isn’t much being done to change things. By 2030 it is expected that more than a 3rd of all men in America will have metabolic syndrome or prediabetes. That sort of scenario is something we can’t afford to deal with from a health perspective at all.


His Solution


The solution Mark Holterman wants to give the world will give kids ways to fight diabetes for good ( Type 2 diabetes is overwhelmingly a disease of diet and exercise so that’s where the focus needs to be. He’s doing a great job of this by helping them understand the importance of making the right dietary decisions, but there’s a need to expand this into new areas. The direction things are headed is far from positive. With the hope of bringing things in the right direction, Holterman is trying to bring his camps to audiences across the globe (Doctor.WebMD). It seems his approach might just work.


What Will Happen Down The Road?


The future of diabetes in this country needs to head towards the opposite direction. With his help, we might just find a way to do that in the long term, but it won’t come easy. The fight for better health is an important one to fight on all fronts.


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