Glen Wakeman is an accomplished businessman, mentor, and entrepreneur who has been passionate throughout his life, building businesses and improving companies and individuals and their responsibilities in their companies. He graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago, in 1993.


The following are some of his accomplishments, of which he has excelled on many levels.

  1. Employed at GE Capital, where he pursued business developmental positions and

was recognized as the company’s Growth Leadership role model by its Board of


  1. Helped with many businesses’ successes through development, by using five

key areas of performance: execution; governance; human capital; leadership and

risk management.

  1. Is an investor and writer, which enables him to blog about his areas of

expertise; such as management and administration and mentoring executives of

various companies.


He has lived in six different countries, where he has been recognized internationally because of his entrepreneurship. He gives three main topics of advice to executives, explaining the importance of demanding excellence. They are:

  1. Award efforts, but REWARD results.
  2. Make rewards public.
  3. Share techniques for improvement with one another.


Glen is the co-founder of Launchpad Holdings L.L.C., a software service company in Miami, Florida, where he is currently CEO (Twitter). His mission is to help entrepreneurs follow a plan to increase success rates in their companies and build enterprises and not just offer products. Glen and his team are responsible for building companies all over the world and leading large organizations in Fortune 10.


To say that Glen Wakeman is a successful business and entrepreneur is an understatement. His success is something that has taken a lot of work and passion to make a difference in many companies, and it shows in his many accomplishments throughout his life!


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