As at 2015, over 54.4 million adults in the U.S had been diagnosed with some form of arthritis. The bulk of the patients with arthritis are suffering from osteoarthritis, the most prevalent form of arthritis. Although arthritis is a chronic condition, physicians assure people living with the condition of various ways of alleviating the pain associated with the ailment. According to Osteo Relief Institute, surgery is not always the answer to osteoarthritis. In fact, the medical facility is devoted to non-surgical procedures for managing osteoarthritis; some of the procedures are discussed in the following sections.


Osteo Relief Institute subscribes to the well-known therapeutic impact of regular body exercises. The facility indicates that the exercises serve to strengthen the muscles that support the bones and maintain a consistent weight. People with osteoarthritis who have excess weight can benefit from Osteo Relief Institute’s physiotherapists whose regimens are tailored to alleviate the suffering caused by osteoarthritis.

Diet is closely related to regular body exercises. The two coupled together lead to the shedding off of excess weight and maintaining of the desired body mass. The 5-year-old Osteo Relief Institute advocates for the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, eating of minimally processed foods, and consumption of homemade meals whenever possible to cure osteoarthritis.


It is common knowledge that osteoarthritis can cause discomfort affecting the normal functioning of people living with the condition ( Osteo Relief Institute believes that the disease can spell doom for the income of people who earn a living from manual labor. The institute recommends the services of occupational therapists; they formulate innovative ways of accomplishing tasks without worsening osteoarthritis.


Patients with the chronic condition can benefit from the A+ BBB rated medical care offered by Osteo Relief Institute. The medical practitioners at the facility provide regular medication or on-need basis (Yelp). Although living with osteoarthritis is tormenting, the medical practitioners at the institute are trained to improve the experience of patients as they seek to manage the condition. They understand that the support offered to the patients by family and friends is not enough and they strive to deal with patients just as they would treat their family members.

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