The Huffington Post talked about how Fabletics was different from all the other fashion and even the other athleisurewear companies in the industry. There are many things Fabletics does to make things better for people and that has helped the company to continue growing. Their customers are the true testament to how powerful the brand is and what they have done to help other people. The brand sees the benefits that come from their customers as something that will give them all the changes they need. It has always been a positive company that is able to help other women and the women who use the brand are able to see the changes in the industry thanks to Fabletics.


Bringing attention to the industry has always given Fabletics the ability to make things better for their customers. Kate Hudson, who works as a brand ambassador, sees the industry as a way to bring empowerment to other women. She knows women need a brand like Fabletics to get the help they need and the power they deserve. She also knows there are different things that can come as a result of what she has created for the brand.


Customers who have seen Kate Hudson know she is a brand ambassador for a reason. She is a relatable celebrity and someone people inherently trust. Because of this, they trust her opinion on clothing. They also trust that she will make great decisions about the way clothing looks so that is what has given her the motivation to keep working with the company and making things better for the customers of Fabletics. The idea behind the company is to always give their customers the ability to actually work hard on their own.


For Fabletics to do this, they had to make a name for themselves. They didn’t want traditional marketing. They weren’t a traditional company and the traditional marketing opportunities would not work for them. Instead, they relied on the brand power and the way they could use their customers. The way they marketed things was like using extreme referrals. They made happy customers and their happy customers told their friends and family. By doing this, Fabletics gained even more customers than what they had ever had in the past. They knew that people would follow what they were doing. The crowd mentality helped them make things easier for their own business.


While Fabletics works to market, they are also working to give their customers a chance at a convenient experience. The customers who take the style quiz are then shown the reverse showroom. After that, they are shown the clothing that they will be able to purchase. Fabletics sends them the outfits they choose without any type of issues. It is what has made things easier for customers. The convenience factor that comes from Fabletics. The industry standard is focused on making things easier for their customers. They know there are different things they can do and that helps Fabletics grow to a positive position in the industry.

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