Securus Technologies Customers Comment On Their Experience With the Company

Securus Technologies is the #1 provider of civil and criminal justice technologies to the correctional facilities and law enforcement throughout North America. The technology solutions that they provide aid in corrections, monitoring, public safety, and investigations. The company recently collected a sampling of comments that they have received from law enforcement officers and correctional facility staff across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In particular, the focus of this was on those officials who are involved in solving and preventing crimes.

Richard A. Smith, who leads Securus Technologies as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, prefaced the collection of comments by stating that his team is able to introduce a new product or service almost every week that helps their clients solve and prevent crimes. He went on to state that the company receives thousands of communications from its users, including letters and emails, that provide comments on how what Securus Technologies does to help keep not only general society safe but also inmates themselves as well as their families and the staff that serves in these facilities.

Among the comments that their clients have to say is one that describes a situation where Securus Technologies assistance led to a search warrant that exposed a corrupt staff member who was helping an inmate bring contraband into the prison. The staff member was arrested and charged with this crime. In another situation by using the company’s monitoring technology helped to uncover a culture of inmate drug and alcohol use as well as threats against other inmates that could have exposed it. A Police Officer wrote in that in the middle of a covert investigation he called Securus Technologies and they helped him with one of the features in the product he was using which resulted in taking a suspect into custody.

The Hair Styling Genius of Donald Scott NYC

The celebrated hair stylist Donald Scott is a genius when it comes to hair styling and creating his Donald Scott NYC hair styling tools. He started cutting hair at the age of twenty after receiving some training from the hair stylist Paul Mitchell himself.


Donald Scott developed specially designed razors for performing hair cuts and special hair styles. He has taken years of his career to develop the finest hair cutting razors available on the market.


Donald Scott NYC website has all of the razors developed from the company available. The carving comb fine, carving comb wide, swivel twist razor, groom stik pro trimmer, chop stik pro razor, and DS/X4 razor are all of the innovative Donald Scott NYC razors designed by Donald Scott.


Donald Scott NYC straight razors ( can be used for a variety of cuts and styles. They can be applied to hair cuts that are aimed at removing heavy bulk from hair. They are excellent for cutting layers into the hair or for making stylish patterns or angled bangs on hair cuts. All of the hair cuts performed with razors are typically edgy and forward looking.


Donald Scott travels around the world to teach cosmetology students and cosmetologists how to handle his razor styling tools. Attending one of his classes are extremely coveted by those who are in the hair industry. Donald Scott’s website also has videos that are educational on how to use razor tools for hair cutting. All hair stylists who want to learn more about razor technique should check out everything that Donald Scott has brought to the table concerning this method of hair cutting.

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Why Many Have Given EOS Lip Balm Positive Reviews

EOS Lip Balm may be the best company that is available for you to purchase its products from. It is a company( that truly has a reputation of delivering on its promise of ensuring their customer base’s lips will be kept nourished throughout one’s application of it. Unfortunately, many customers have experienced investing in a company’s lip balm and quickly having dried lips after applying them. This is quite unfortunate as lip balm is meant to keep one’s lips nourished for more than just a few moments, which is actually very rare among many lip balm products that are available for sale in today’s markets. If you are searching for a reliable lip balm product, please do not hesitate to see what EOS Lip Balm offers you.

EOS Lip Balm has been reputed as being a great product by its customers. You can read the reviews that have been left by them and you will quickly realize that many people having given them great ratings. Many have proclaimed that the product is reliable in comparison to other lip balm products because it does not have their lips chapped within just a few minutes of having them applied. If this happens to be your particular case, then you may find it beneficial to give their product a try. The price is practical in comparison to other types of lip balm and the company has received enough good ratings for one to have trust in what it offers. EOS products are available on Walmart and Target stores nationwide. The EOS brand is also available online.

EOS Lip Balm manufactures their lip balm product in a way that it is guaranteed to keep the lips of its users nourished throughout their application of it. If you are wanting to invest in a reliable lip balm product, then do not hesitate to give EOS Lip Balm a try.