Alexandre Gama is the current CEO as well as the founder of a company called Neogama, which is one of the top 20 Brazilian advertising enterprises. Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gama earned a BA in Publicity and Advertising at FAAP – SP. Gama began his publicity career at Standart Ogilvy as a writer in 1982. In 1990, Gama accepted a position at DM9 as a writer, where he was given multiple awards. Alexandre Gama also held the positions of President and CEO, and CCO at AlmapBBDO and Young & Rubicam, respectively. In 1999, Alexandre Gama founded Neogama. In 2012, when Alexandre Gama became a member of ABAP, this crowned Gama’s responsibility of representing Brazil in the[…]

Glen Wakeman is an accomplished businessman, mentor, and entrepreneur who has been passionate throughout his life, building businesses and improving companies and individuals and their responsibilities in their companies. He graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago, in 1993.   The following are some of his accomplishments, of which he has excelled on many levels. Employed at GE Capital, where he pursued business developmental positions and was recognized as the company’s Growth Leadership role model by its Board of Directors. Helped with many businesses’ successes through development, by using five key areas of performance: execution; governance;[…]

Money rules the world these days. People don’t like to admit it, but they care for money and all the things that come with it more than anything. It’s what drives humanity to achieve the impossible. People dedicate their whole lives to climbing the corporate ladder and making as much money as possible. So, it’s inspiring to hear about someone who chooses passion over money. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t successful. It just means that money isn’t what drives them. Mike Baur is one of those people, but his career didn’t start as a wishful dream. His career began in the banking industry. He worked for several banks, starting with a Union Bank of Switzerland. He eventually moved on[…]

He is considered one of the greats in the baseball world. Born in Richardson, Texas in the United States of America, Logan Stout is a renowned author, business leader and speaker. He has a vast experience in sports, being a ten time World Series player, life issues, business and other success stories which have formed his topic of discussions throughout his public speeches. He even has his book which is called Stout Advice: The Secrets of building yourself, people and teams. Mr. Logan Stout who attended the Pearce H.S was an excellent leader and student both in and out of class. This even prompted him to be elected to the school’s Athletic Council. While playing there, he was the Most[…]

The quick elevating wellness and health company are known as IDLife, LLC recently announced that they were carrying a strategic partnership relationship alongside Garmin International Inc which was a branch of Garmin Ltd. GRMN, which is one of the leading organization in the development of wearable device technology. Customers of IDLife would now have the capacity to by the Vivo activity trackers from the Garmin’s line and the Garmin Index TM Smart Scale on the IDLife website. The customers of IDLife can hope to observe a combination of the wearable device data from Garmin into the mobile application of IDWellness in the coming months so that clients would have the capacity to manage and monitor the milestones of their journey[…]