Logan Stout: Talent With A Passion

He is considered one of the greats in the baseball world. Born in Richardson, Texas in the United States of America, Logan Stout is a renowned author, business leader and speaker. He has a vast experience in sports, being a ten time World Series player, life issues, business and other success stories which have formed his topic of discussions throughout his public speeches. He even has his book which is called Stout Advice: The Secrets of building yourself, people and teams.

Mr. Logan Stout who attended the Pearce H.S was an excellent leader and student both in and out of class. This even prompted him to be elected to the school’s Athletic Council. While playing there, he was the Most Valuable Player both in the junior and senior championships. Mr. Stout, who doubled up as a shortstop and pitcher at college was chosen to become coach of the youth baseball team. He has even played for the Fort Worth Cats, a minor league in Texas. The staunch Christian who served as a worship leader and youth pastor, he also coached the Dallas Baptist University.

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Mr. Logan is known for his passion for helping the youth, which helped him start the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Just recently, Mr. Logan founded IDLife, a distribution organization for health care products which use direct sales as its primary point of sale. Mr. Logan is the company’s CEO. The company sells organic nutritional supplements, and through Mr. Logan’s stewardship, the company has been able to reach the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the United States, in just three years. Quite commendable!

The family man who is married to Haley, and together are blessed with two young Turks, believes that every person is capable of managing their businesses, just that they might lack the capital or idea on how to start. This is where he comes in and offers advice and additional support. He does not discriminate in that he assists people of all color, age, and social background. During his free time, Logan is very active as a baseball coach to the various teams under the Dallas Patriots baseball organization.

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A Brief Look At IDLife And Their Strategic Partnership With Garmin International Inc.

The quick elevating wellness and health company are known as IDLife, LLC recently announced that they were carrying a strategic partnership relationship alongside Garmin International Inc which was a branch of Garmin Ltd. GRMN, which is one of the leading organization in the development of wearable device technology. Customers of IDLife would now have the capacity to by the Vivo activity trackers from the Garmin’s line and the Garmin Index TM Smart Scale on the IDLife website.

The customers of IDLife can hope to observe a combination of the wearable device data from Garmin into the mobile application of IDWellness in the coming months so that clients would have the capacity to manage and monitor the milestones of their journey to wellness and health from one location.

IDLife was established to share a way which is simple for individuals to lead lifestyles that are healthy by providing them with nutritional products and vitamins of the highest quality. Customers all around the country are starting to observe results which are long lasting by going along with three easy steps on a daily basis. The mission of IDLife is strengthened due to its capacity to interface a partnership with the wellness products of Garmin. The Mission of IDlife is to provide individuals with the required materials to attain success on their journey in attaining a lifestyle which is healthier forever, not just for some months or years.

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, leadership trainer, best- selling author as well as keynote speaker. Having amassed billions of dollars in funds all through his career, his track record and credibility on team building, leadership, and principles of success asides from continually pushing his current ventures, aid in making him one of the keynote speakers in the world who is highly sought after.

The most recent venture of Logan Stout is aimed in the direction of health and wellness. IDLife, LLC has expanded remarkably since it was launched in May 20014. They have gotten partners which include billionaire Darwin Deason, Celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom and as Troy Aikman.

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