Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos are popular names in the United States. Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. The family is known by many for their conservative political leanings as well as support for charities and nonprofits. The family has numerous initiatives that they have been supporting especially in the states of Michigan where they live. Betsy DeVos currently serves as the secretary of education in the administration of Donald Trump. This is an appointment that was precipitated by the influence she had in the education system in the country. Betsy DeVos has for a long time been an advocate of education reforms in the country. Her intention has been to see every child in the United States[…]

End Citizen United hit the ground running by immediately stating their goals, strategies and laying down plans to manifest timeline ambitions. Richard Carbo, the foundation’s spokesperson, stated that End Citizen was focused on raising a minimum of $25 million to inject into various campaigns in 2016. Since the inception of the campaigns in October 2015, End Citizen has displayed impeccable fund raising schemes such as the $2 million collected in October alone in 2015. According to their spokesperson, End Citizens United main aim is to support the election of political candidates who share a vision of overhauling the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizen United. Previously, the group has been the core supporter of Senator Russ Feingold, Senator Micheal Bennet and[…]